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Are Baby Hats Safe for Newborns?

Are hats safe for newborns and small babies? We're answering all your questions about keeping your babies safe while wearing a Little Sun Hat!

Newborns and hats are an adorable combination. Are they safe though? We love answering questions for parents, and we've laid out a few of the most common questions we get.

Do baby hats pose a choking hazard?

This is one of the most common concerns parents have, and a totally reasonable question. The big thing to consider here is the quality of the hat, and whether it has small parts that can be removed or broken off and pose a choking hazard. A couple things to look for:

  • Snaps vs string ties to secure the hat around the neck. You don't want string ties that could be tied in a knot around the neck. Snaps are easy to undo.
  • Snaps that are very securely sewn into the neck fasteners. You don't want the snap buttons to come off.

All snaps at Little Sun Hat are tested and inspected for quality, so you can feel at ease about your baby's safety.

Will hats change the shape of my baby's head?

You can find specialized types of head wear designed to help with babies that suffer from plagiocephaly (aka "flat head syndrome"), but those are the only hats that are likely to influence the shape of your baby's head. Baby hats, like ours, are designed to fit just loose enough (even on newborns) to allow plenty of room for growth and for the filling in of those adorable little soft spots most newborns have.

I don't want my baby to lose their soft newborn hair. Will a hat help them keep it?

Are hats safe for newborns and small babies? We're answering all your questions about keeping your babies safe while wearing a Little Sun Hat!We know. That hair is the softest thing the world. You cradle your newborn's head as they sleep and you remember: your friend has a six-month-old who suddenly lost all of her golden, feathery, wispy baby fuz.

Now she has these bald patches instead.

We would love to tell you that a hat could save your baby's precious little strands. Unfortunately, most babies will lose that first coat and deal with a little baldness for a while. This is true regardless of headwear, sleeping habits, or the many creams that claim to prevent newborn hair loss. The good news: it comes back, just as soft and usually much fuller! 

Should my baby sleep with a hat?

No. At least, not according to Dr. Robert M. Jacobson, Chair and Professor of Pediatrics at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. "I don’t recommend that babies sleep with hats at home," he suggests, "unless they are small for gestational age, premature, or are struggling with weight gain." (link)

We hope these answers have been helpful. If you have any other questions you'd like us to take a look at, please leave them in the comments!

About the Author

Kara Meloy began making headwear for her children in 2013 after the birth of her fourth son. She sewed a little blue bonnet for him, and called it "just a little sun hat". Kara is a big fan of moms everywhere, especially those in her hometown of Cashmere, Washington.

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