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A Playdate at the Beach

Spending time at the beach doesn't always mean you have to be in the waves. In fact, some of our favorite times at the beach are when we're not wet and shivering, and dusting sand out of diapered booties. (ouch!)

One of our favorite photographers, Chrissy Irvin, feels the same way, choosing a round blanket to plop these sweet boys down on for an afternoon of surf watching. Our Blue Geo Classic Bonnet is the perfect choice for moderate sun/wind protection for this overcast beach day, when a larger brimmed hat isn't necessarily needed. 

Hat is our Blue Geo Classic Bonnet

Swimwear and Round Blanket is @swimzip

Teething Necklace is @shopmartinas 

Crinkle Popsicles Toys are @ohjustdandy


About the Author

Kara Meloy began making headwear for her children in 2013 after the birth of her fourth son. She sewed a little blue bonnet for him, and called it "just a little sun hat". Kara is a big fan of moms everywhere, especially those in her hometown of Cashmere, Washington.

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