4 Things To Look For In A Sun Protective Hat For Your Kid

  1. A wide brim to protect not only the top of your baby's head, but also their face, ears, neck, and shoulders.
  2. SPF protection, and a tight weave fabric. Anything less than 30 UPF is not going to protect your baby for all day sunshine play. Little Sun Hat fabrics are made of nautral cotton and denim, and when washed over time the natural fibers close in on themselves to become more and more protective.
  3. Easy to use/pack. Children should never feel trapped in a hat, but the hat should be easy to secure. A soft slide on our Bucket Hats ensure that your child can put on and remove their own hat at their ease. Little Sun Hats fold for easy packing when traveling. 
  4. Made responsibly. Many modern headwear is made with chemicals and conditions that are unhealthy for workers. Our headwear is produced from fabric sourced and sold in the USA and cut/sewn in our hometown studio by skilled hands.
Little Sun Hat Bucket Hats check every essential item and we can't wait to see your babies and children in their headwear this summer! Tag #littlesunhat on Instagram for us to see!

About the Author

Kara Meloy began making headwear for her children in 2013 after the birth of her fourth son. She sewed a little blue bonnet for him, and called it "just a little sun hat". Kara is a big fan of moms everywhere, especially those in her hometown of Cashmere, Washington.

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