what they're saying about us


"We’re smitten with the vintage vibe of these top-notch top-offs—a sweetly functional accent to little ensembles."


"Little Sun Hats are the perfect addition to any summer outing and we are in LOVE!  Offering simplicity, practicality, and overwhelming adorableness all in one, the headwear from Little Sun Hat is an absolute dream."

Headwear for Play


We believe in aiding parenthood, not adding another trendy product for a parent to purchase. It is our vision to offer Little Sun Hats as a tool to protect children from the outdoor elements. With natural fabrics, we strive to create thoughtful, and well-designed, and long lasting headwear. We believe in hand me downs, and trading up instead of throwing away.


All of our headwear is cut and sewn in our hometown Cashmere, Washington studio with quality cloth. We are proud that our materials hold up over time, become softer with each wear and hold precious memories of babyhood and childhood.  


We work hard to offer classic design creating headwear that is purposeful in its true essence, not offering anything that is unnecessary. This is why Little Sun Hats are timeless, in style and classic function.


It is our hope that by mindfully producing and consuming, we can remove excess waste, focus on craftsmanship, and create truly impeccable products that last the test of time.